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     We are a non-profit volunteer affiliate of the Right to Life of Michigan made up of people of different political persuasions, various faiths and diverse economic, social and ethnic backgrounds.  

     Our Board of Directors represent up to 100 members, local businesses, pastors and churches in the areas of Commerce, Milford, White Lake and Highland Townships (northwest location of Oakland County, MI).  We are an affiliate of Right to Life of Michigan.

     We believe that the times that we live in reflect a culture of death through abortion in the womb and euthanasia.  Selective death is not a solution to inconvenience, suffering or hardship.  Every human life has purpose and meaning and we work as a group for the day when positive, life-affirming solutions can be obtained for the safety of the baby in the womb to the day of natural death.  

     As a group we strive to perform our mission peacefully and oppose illegal and violent means to achieve our goals.  

Human Life is a Civil Right Issue

     Our country is built on the moral idea all human beings have inalienable rights.  We have been a nation that strives to continue that great presupposition.  Thus, we believe the sanctity of human life is a civil right issue today, present and into the future.

     Today babies in the womb and up until birth are continuously at threat of being destroyed.  Each year more than a million babies are killed in the womb through different forms of abortion.  We say,  “we are a nation that cares about our people”,  but this statement is hypocritical in the light of this state-sponsored genocide of our citizens in the womb.

     Pregnant women have been fed the lie of my body my choice.  They are not given proper education on the implications of their decision to kill their baby in the womb in the areas of the sin of murder, long term emotional implications and possible health dangers initially from the act of an abortion to future problems.

     Euthanasia has been a slippery slope in our health care.  The elderly are seen as disposable as they have lived their lives and become a financial and life-style inconvenience. At any age those with diseases and physical abnormalities can also be seen as a financial burden or life-style inconvenience.  Compassion and value of human life has been given way to “self”.  In today’s society the  human being of inconvenience is less tolerated then every before.  

     When society begins to pick and choose who is worthy to live or die through legislation, political gain, finances or the degradation of morality our society will slowly destroy itself from within.  As a moral, ethical and Jude-Christian country we should be outraged, appalled and ready to stand courageous for our innocent babies and defenseless sick and elderly. 

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